Improve your skills becoming an Independent Business Student with HIME

The ” Independent Business Student”  method is a specific and adapted path, developped to facilitate learning for undergraduates who can not afford being in class regularly. Workers and other unavailable candidates are then given a chance to register at HIME and follow courses independently, on a tutorship basis. We strongly believe that it enhances self-improvement.

In order to respond to everyone’s concern, HIME has developped the ” Independent Business Student “ method. This aims to help undergraduates who are not constantly available, to learn on a different, specific and adapted way. Independent learners are registered on a non standard basis, with all relevant specifications. The status should be precised ahead of the course beginning, which means during a student’s registration.


What does the concept stand for?

Independent Business Student Method stands for building one’s skills regardless of his availability, believing on his capabilities to learn independently and faster, than ordinary.

Am I eligible for independent studies?

Priority for this learning basis is given to workers. In order to be registered or recognised as an independent scholar, a candidate must show a proof that there is no way for him or her to be available in classroom on a regular base.

How affordable are courses for independent students?

Independent are given documents to learn alone, while coached by instructors. Then, they are given specific assignments to make sure that they are progressing well. Furthermore, they are asked to complete a weekly quizz related to each lesson, as well as dependent ones.

What is Independent student’s status

Details are available at the HIME Admissions Office


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