Make your studies meaningful

Learning to lead, it should start somewhere, somehow. For HIME  students, it starts right here, right now ! So get your prepared mind for the challenge, no matter what it takes.

As you prepare for the seminar with the Academic Leadership Team this October 02nd 2015, start thinking of  your prior needs as a Business Student, a future leader. Let us start with a ” simple ” question.

What does Business mean for you ? 

Don’t miss the Inaugural Lecture’s ceremony

1. 08h30 – 10h : A 1st Seminar with Students lauched by the HIME Program Chair, Dr FONKOUA Jean Emmanuel, Associate Campus Dean – University of Indianapolis (USA)

2. 10h15 – 12h: A 2nd Seminar with Instructors ,

3. 12h15 – 13h30 : A 3rd Seminar with student’s parents,

4. 14h – 16h : Launching Speech by Mr Howe Richard, former General Manager of GEOVIC Cameroon


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