Welcome Back To School – The Future begins HERE

Welcome back to our new dear students this year.

It is sometimes said that, the starting point is full of difficulties and hindrances that require endurance, faith and hope. HIME has got to start with enthusiastic young people who have faith in the future and are ready to face challenges.

Guest speaking - Mr HOWE Richard

The inaugural lecture took place on the 02th of October 2015, and it was just astonishing seeing those students and their parents impatient to find out what it takes being a HIME Student. HIME has made a bet on a future that is going to be built with, by, and for these young minds whose lessons started on the 5th of October 2015.

Now, the HIME adventure is going on. HIME students are in the mold for manufacturing a new mindset that will allow us to reach the human race that the African continent requires to achieve full emergence.Group Picture from the inaugural lecture day

They may feel a little bit flooded by academic and extra academic programs, comparing to their friends who are attending other schools. That is really what they need to be different. They must learn what it takes to be an integral human. They must be open to new environments, new lifesyles, and the diversity, when it is more than just a word.

HIME went with the idea that nothing is impossible. It is going to create people that think the same way and really believe in that paradigm, trust themselves and believe in a human capacity to make the world a pretty better place.

The future begins HERE !

HIME Students for the first Academic Year, with the Program Director and the Guest Speaker at the inaugural lecture


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