HIME Master Program: Tuning up the new generation of African Professionals

What does HIME stand for?

Higher Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, known under the acronym of HIME, HIME Education for medias and the company name of Sup de Management, is a Business School with an added value of diversity in many aspects: training method, programs, students and lecturers, environment, curriculum’s shape.

While choosing “Scientia Potesta Est” as a slogan, HIME subscribed to an idea that knowledge brings power, and considers this power as a necessary mean to elude hindrances laid by ignorance and apathy.

Inaugural Lecture, October 2015: Guest speaking - Mr HOWE RichardInaugural Lecture, October 2015: Guest speaking – Mr HOWE Richard

The HIME Master Program, more than a part of the HIME curriculum, is therefore one of the main paths built to spread that mutual knowledge in a singular way. The core of this program to reach the HIME’s vision is then, gathering people from different backgrounds that share (or almost) the same ideal.

Why has the HIME Master Program been established?

HIME defined as original mission to “settle an educational system that provides young people with more faith in their potential, giving them necessary tools for a better self-realization, and the contribution to a brighter common future”. Through this mission, the school looks forward to building an integrated society with integral human beings, skillful youth and determined leaders for change.

Aligned to this mission, the HIME Master Program has been established for 3 main reasons:

  • Access to a high quality of learning

The context analysis has shown that the youth is unstoppably looking for schools with higher academic standards, in order to insure their position on a competitive business market. Finding this is not stress-free in our environment, so continuing abroad seems to be the common solution. HIME is therefore committed to respond to this general need by bringing higher qualified study programs down in Cameroon, and make them accessible to young graduates, professionals, adults of diverse backgrounds and enable them to succeed in their careers and communities.

  • A trail for Excellence

Above all learning standards and academic success promotion, HIME sets a “Culture of Excellence” in every single dimension of a student’s life. This is where the leadership pattern finds its enlightenment. A HIME student is not a passive receiver. He/she should be hungry for success and well done things. He /she should take a step forward and make things happen; look harder, strengthen his/her skills and innovate. He/she must have merit as a core and keep looking for it.

  • Personal and social accomplishment

The individual welfare depends mostly on its social environment. In the same time, the environment is mostly made with the output of individuals melt together. Believing that everything is possible, HIME takes a student as a whole human being immersed in a society, and consider him as a significant part without which the society would be incomplete. Therefore, an individual searching for a personal accomplishment should start considering common welfare one a key of single personal accomplishments, and therefore, behave as to succeed in both.

The HIME Master Program is then made to help young professionals succeed reach their goals, and as they are working for personal sake, contribute to their communities’ rises and change.

Who is it dedicated to?

Who makes the HIME Master Program effective?

How is it made effective? The HIME Method at glance

Follow this link for more description HIMEMasterProgramPresentation


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