Africa is rising up !

It was a privilege  for those students who attended the very first speech to scholars made by the HIME president, during the inaugural lecture. It is a pleasure to share a substance of this with you !


Africa is rising up! Youths are demonstrating their capacity to create, innovate and to accept their fate.

«Knowledge is power» says the wise but knowing and not doing is same as not knowing. These youths have to «know» but above all they need to be coached to «know how» to create enterprises, generate jobs and redistribute these wealth through a brilliant and united entrepreneurial network so as to contribute finally to the revival of Africa.Image4

Business and philanthropy are coming together in a paradigm (pattern) to revolute the economic systems.

A group of partners notably Americans, have been motivated to complement us in a spirit of mutual respects and on a win-win bases. Let us take advantage of this and challenge ourselves or prove that Africa can rise to the rank of world builders.

Therefore at HIME, we commit teachers, administrative body, board of directors, advisory board to build on this model.

Happy back to school!


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