HIME – Rentrée académique 2015 – 2016

HIME offre 30 bourses d’études pour l’année académique 2015 – 2016


Commencez vos études au Cameroun, terminez aux Etats Unis et obtenez un diplôme américain 

Futurs bacheliers, vous avez un choix entre 5 universités d’Etat américaines

Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Louisiana State University

Bossier Parish Community College

Southern University at Shreveport

Centenary College of Louisiana


3 thoughts on “HIME – Rentrée académique 2015 – 2016

  1. Whao, what an opportunity for student to study in Cameroon and obtain an American degree. Will this degree be recognized in Cameroon? and secondly, if I am interested in joining HIME as a student will it be late for me and what does it take for me to register? Thanks

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    1. Dear BEULAH, thank you for your interest.
      Indeed, your degree from HIME is recognised in Cameroon. Registrations are still going on, but make sure that you register in time, because the back to school is almost on.
      Would you need further informations, visit us at ” Derrière usine Bastos – Yaoundé “, get updates on our website : http://www.supmanagement.org, or mailto contact@supmanagement.org. You can also join a #Himecommunity on Facebook


  2. Est-ce qu’en s’inscrivant à Hime on a la certitude de continuer aux USA sans recommencer ?
    J’ai déjà perdu une année après mon Bac dans l’une de ces écoles au pays et je ne voudrais pas en perdre davantage.


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