” What Does it Take to be a Successful Young Entrepreneur? “

 What is your motivation? What is your dream? 

What would you do if you were not scared of failling, if everything was possible ? 

Business Development Manager of Cambridge University Press in Africa Founder&President of DRIMP Foundation
Business Development Manager of Cambridge University Press in Africa
Founder&President of DRIMP Foundation

Join the conference at Higher Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (HIME) – Bastos / Yaounde.

Guest speaker :

     Mr NFORGWE Rogers

Date: Wednesday, 11th November 2015

Time : 2pm

Venue : Campus of Sup de Management – Behind Bastos Factory

Further informations can be found at : (237) 222 21 25 83 /  contact@supmanagement.org


HIME Master Program: Start your registration now and join the team

Ready to join the HIME Master Program ?

Ready to be a part of the African New Leaders Generation ?

Download the registration file below, fill it in, and get in touch with the Admissions Office to book a place for your interview.

HIME-MasterAdmission Form

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HIME Master Program: Tuning up the new generation of African Professionals

What does HIME stand for?

Higher Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, known under the acronym of HIME, HIME Education for medias and the company name of Sup de Management, is a Business School with an added value of diversity in many aspects: training method, programs, students and lecturers, environment, curriculum’s shape.

While choosing “Scientia Potesta Est” as a slogan, HIME subscribed to an idea that knowledge brings power, and considers this power as a necessary mean to elude hindrances laid by ignorance and apathy.

Inaugural Lecture, October 2015: Guest speaking - Mr HOWE RichardInaugural Lecture, October 2015: Guest speaking – Mr HOWE Richard

The HIME Master Program, more than a part of the HIME curriculum, is therefore one of the main paths built to spread that mutual knowledge in a singular way. The core of this program to reach the HIME’s vision is then, gathering people from different backgrounds that share (or almost) the same ideal.

Why has the HIME Master Program been established?

HIME defined as original mission to “settle an educational system that provides young people with more faith in their potential, giving them necessary tools for a better self-realization, and the contribution to a brighter common future”. Through this mission, the school looks forward to building an integrated society with integral human beings, skillful youth and determined leaders for change.

Aligned to this mission, the HIME Master Program has been established for 3 main reasons:

  • Access to a high quality of learning

The context analysis has shown that the youth is unstoppably looking for schools with higher academic standards, in order to insure their position on a competitive business market. Finding this is not stress-free in our environment, so continuing abroad seems to be the common solution. HIME is therefore committed to respond to this general need by bringing higher qualified study programs down in Cameroon, and make them accessible to young graduates, professionals, adults of diverse backgrounds and enable them to succeed in their careers and communities.

  • A trail for Excellence

Above all learning standards and academic success promotion, HIME sets a “Culture of Excellence” in every single dimension of a student’s life. This is where the leadership pattern finds its enlightenment. A HIME student is not a passive receiver. He/she should be hungry for success and well done things. He /she should take a step forward and make things happen; look harder, strengthen his/her skills and innovate. He/she must have merit as a core and keep looking for it.

  • Personal and social accomplishment

The individual welfare depends mostly on its social environment. In the same time, the environment is mostly made with the output of individuals melt together. Believing that everything is possible, HIME takes a student as a whole human being immersed in a society, and consider him as a significant part without which the society would be incomplete. Therefore, an individual searching for a personal accomplishment should start considering common welfare one a key of single personal accomplishments, and therefore, behave as to succeed in both.

The HIME Master Program is then made to help young professionals succeed reach their goals, and as they are working for personal sake, contribute to their communities’ rises and change.

Who is it dedicated to?

Who makes the HIME Master Program effective?

How is it made effective? The HIME Method at glance

Follow this link for more description HIMEMasterProgramPresentation

Africa is rising up !

It was a privilege  for those students who attended the very first speech to scholars made by the HIME president, during the inaugural lecture. It is a pleasure to share a substance of this with you !

Africa is rising up! Youths are demonstrating their capacity to create, innovate and to accept their fate.

«Knowledge is power» says the wise. But knowledge without action is the same as ignorance. This youth has to «know». But above all, they need to be coached to «know how» to create entreprises, generate jobs and redistribute these wealth through a brilliant and united entrepreneurial network so as to contribute finally to the revival of Africa.

Guest speaking - Mr HOWE Richard

Business and philanthropy are coming together in a paradigm (pattern) to revolute the economic systems.

A group of partners notably Americans, have been motivated to complement us in a spirit of mutual respects and on a win-win bases. Let us take advantage of this and challenge ourselves or prove that Africa can rise to the rank of world builders.

Therefore at HIME, we commit teachers, administrative staff, board of directors, advisory board to build on this model.

Happy back to school!


Audience of the Inaugural Lecture: Students and their parents

Make your studies meaningful

Learning to lead, it should start somewhere, somehow. For HIME  students, it starts right here, right now ! So get your prepared mind for the challenge, no matter what it takes.

As you prepare for the seminar with the Academic Leadership Team this October 02nd 2015, start thinking of  your prior needs as a Business Student, a future leader. Let us start with a ” simple ” question.

What does Business mean for you ? 

Don’t miss the Inaugural Lecture’s ceremony

1. 08h30 – 10h : A 1st Seminar with Students lauched by the HIME Program Chair, Dr FONKOUA Jean Emmanuel, Associate Campus Dean – University of Indianapolis (USA)

2. 10h15 – 12h: A 2nd Seminar with Instructors ,

3. 12h15 – 13h30 : A 3rd Seminar with student’s parents,

4. 14h – 16h : Launching Speech by Mr Howe Richard, former General Manager of GEOVIC Cameroon

L’approche de l’enseignement par la facilitation

By HimeInstitute

L’étudiant est à 80% responsable de sa propre formation. Le but de l’enseignement par facilitation est de se détacher d’une méthode courante d’enseignement classique, où le professeur est considéré comme l’unique détenteur d’un savoir à transmettre.

HIME change la donne, en mettant à la disposition de l’étudiant un matériel didactique aussi riche que possible, lui permettant d’assurer la maîtrise de son cours, d’en déterminer les zones d’ombre qui vont être éclairées par le professeur. Le professeur n’est donc qu’un éclaireur, un facilitateur. Son rôle va bien au-delà d’une transmission mécanique du contenu du matériel didactique, et couvre un accompagnement substantiel de l’étudiant dans son parcours de la découverte.

Tout cela est rendu possible par une architecture académique préétablie, car une fois de plus, l’étudiant n’est pas un réceptacle, c’est un être sans cesse entraîné à la recherche de l’Excellence.

HIME offre des programmes d’échange académique, de transfert d’étudiants et de stage à l’étranger

Par HimeInstitute

Tant qu’à suivre une formation riche et diversifiée, autant s’ouvrir complètement au monde et explorer ce que l’ailleurs peut apporter de mieux !

L’échange académique se rapporte au semestre passé à l’étranger. Les étudiants de HIME ont donc la possibilité de faire un ou plusieurs semestres à l’étranger, dans l’une de ses universités partenaires, et selon leurs filières respectives. Le départ en programme d’échange peut se faire dès la fin du 2ème semestre. Pendant ce séjour académique, l’étudiant continue normalement son cursus, mais profite surtout d’une ouverture d’esprit et des facilités que lui procure le nouvel environnement. A la fin du séjour d’échange, l’étudiant peut soumettre un rapport académique et  un “rapport d’étonnement” facultatif  qui fait état de tout ce qui l’aurait impressionné, étonné ou exalté.

Formation dans un cadre multiculturel

Le transfert académique , c’est littéralement la poursuite du cursus à l’étranger après le diplôme de premier cycle. L’étudiant qui envisage un transfert engage la procédure dès la fin du 1er semestre à HIME. Au plus tôt, il se met dans la perspective d’avoir les prérequis relatifs à la spécialité de son choix dans l’université visée, et s’informe de tous les détails de la procédure. Le test TOEFL est l’une des conditions généralement indispensables pour les candidats désirant obtenir un transfert. Continue reading “HIME offre des programmes d’échange académique, de transfert d’étudiants et de stage à l’étranger”

Discovering HIME

Higher Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship gives a development’s framework to an ambitious, creative and entreprising youth, for tommorrow’s sake. Its goal is to settle an educational system that gives young people more faith in their potential, giving them necessary tools for a better self-realization, and the contribution to a brighter common future.


Quality: offers of rigorous training that prepares the student and give him/her all the tools necessary to succeed in a world in full mutation.

Success: opportunities and a sustained learning environment that helps students acquire knowledge while developing their full potential, the skills needed on the labour market.

Sustainability: innovative education, interdisciplinary research and professional solutions that support the vision of sustainable development.

Read more

HIME process

About the HIME Master Curriculum

The HIME Master Program is made of 4 semesters including Lectures sessions, Internship and Thesis writing.

The whole program is made with fundamental class of Business Management for all schools in the first semster. After that, concentrations start with more focus on the student’s field.

Download the Master Curriculum for further details : HIME-MasterCurriculum

Take a Step and Join the Team !

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA63 Street, Bastos, Ex National Council of Communication

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Tel: (237) 222 21 25 83 / (237) 691 48 70 97

Email: admissions@supmanagement.org , etude@supmanagement.org

Master Academic Calendar

The HIME Master Academic calendar for the first semester is now available

Get it now ! Take a Step and Join the Team !


Need further informations ?Lets-get-creative

Get in touch with the Admissions Office:

63 Street, Bastos, Ex National Council of Communication

(Behind BASTOS Factory, near Chinese Restaurant)

Tel: (237) 222 21 25 83 / (237) 691 48 70 97

Email: admissions@supmanagement.org , etude@supmanagement.org

Who is the HIME Master Program dedicated to?

As it is stated above, and more in the student handbook, HIME has the culture of diversity as one of core patterns. HIME Master Program, as all other HIME programs, is dedicated to all individuals, regardless to their origin, background, that academically, respond to the eligibility criteria.


HIME Prospective students for Master program are scholars or professionals from different backgrounds, needing to specialize in one of our management fields. The main academic requirement is the bachelor degree, and the will to join the program from beginning to the end, use its outcomes for a rewarding purpose.

This is why the admission process requires an interview, in order to learn of the candidate’s real motivations and plans to make the training useful at the end. This also helps to position the candidate on the training for efficient results.

HIME post graduates would therefore be those who accept the bet on Success and Excellence, no matter what it takes, as far as they have elders to mentor them.

Welcome Back To School – The Future begins HERE

Welcome back to our new dear students this year.

It is sometimes said that, the starting point is full of difficulties and hindrances that require endurance, faith and hope. HIME has got to start with enthusiastic young people who have faith in the future and are ready to face challenges.

Guest speaking - Mr HOWE Richard

The inaugural lecture took place on the 02th of October 2015, and it was just astonishing seeing those students and their parents impatient to find out what it takes being a HIME Student. HIME has made a bet on a future that is going to be built with, by, and for these young minds whose lessons started on the 5th of October 2015.

Now, the HIME adventure is going on. HIME students are in the mold for manufacturing a new mindset that will allow us to reach the human race that the African continent requires to achieve full emergence.Group Picture from the inaugural lecture day

They may feel a little bit flooded by academic and extra academic programs, comparing to their friends who are attending other schools. That is really what they need to be different. They must learn what it takes to be an integral human. They must be open to new environments, new lifesyles, and the diversity, when it is more than just a word.

HIME went with the idea that nothing is impossible. It is going to create people that think the same way and really believe in that paradigm, trust themselves and believe in a human capacity to make the world a pretty better place.

The future begins HERE !

HIME Students for the first Academic Year, with the Program Director and the Guest Speaker at the inaugural lecture

Improve your skills becoming an Independent Business Student with HIME

The ” Independent Business Student”  method is a specific and adapted path, developped to facilitate learning for undergraduates who can not afford being in class regularly. Workers and other unavailable candidates are then given a chance to register at HIME and follow courses independently, on a tutorship basis. We strongly believe that it enhances self-improvement.

In order to respond to everyone’s concern, HIME has developped the ” Independent Business Student “ method. This aims to help undergraduates who are not constantly available, to learn on a different, specific and adapted way. Independent learners are registered on a non standard basis, with all relevant specifications. The status should be precised ahead of the course beginning, which means during a student’s registration.


What does the concept stand for?

Independent Business Student Method stands for building one’s skills regardless of his availability, believing on his capabilities to learn independently and faster, than ordinary.

Am I eligible for independent studies?

Priority for this learning basis is given to workers. In order to be registered or recognised as an independent scholar, a candidate must show a proof that there is no way for him or her to be available in classroom on a regular base.

How affordable are courses for independent students?

Independent are given documents to learn alone, while coached by instructors. Then, they are given specific assignments to make sure that they are progressing well. Furthermore, they are asked to complete a weekly quizz related to each lesson, as well as dependent ones.

What is Independent student’s status

Details are available at the HIME Admissions Office